We are agents …, we are partners …, we are motivators …, we are friends! In a nutshell: we are whatever our athletes need.

Individually, dynamically, together – those are the cornerstones of our approach. In this fast-paced world, which is becoming more and more complex every day, it is our mission to do anything we can to enable our athletes to focus on their individual athletic and personal goals.

The decisive factor for us is not what we can already do today! Rather, as a young agency we want to grow together with our athletes. Therefore, we ask our athletes and ourselves on a daily basis how we can be that one tenth of a second faster and better.

Together we will be able to surpass ourselves!


Each and every day we live our dream. Because we love what we do.

360 Sports Passion was established in September 2016 as a sports and player agency with its head office in Horb am Neckar (near Stuttgart). Our core competence lies in guiding, consulting and negotiating transfers of athletes. Every step of our journey is based on our passion, commitment and dedication.

We want to support our athletes so that they can fully focus on their sport.


Our journey is as individual as our agency.

For this reason, we want to invite YOU to be our athlete, friend, fan or sympathizer on this beautiful journey through the wonderful world of sports.

We are excited to share news about our athletes, partners and our agency and we are looking forward to celebrating our success together with you.


You can contact us here: